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From her background as police officer, federal special agent, teacher, writer and scholar,
Sheila L. Stephens has
a unique platform from which to speak, write and consult about the people and issues of law enforcement.  

Her lectures are full of
up-to-date information,
with details that can only be aquired from inside the world of law enforcement. 

Check out the many topics available for presentation to your group, organization or law enforcement agency today. 

You'll be glad you did.

Our mission is simple:

To offer the highest quality, cutting edge products and services that will help keep your children safe, your home and your business  secure--and to offer them at the lowest possible prices.  

To do this, we search the planet to stay abreast of ever-changing technology. 

We also provide tips and resources to make your security choices easier. Knowing the best use of these products is every bit as important as knowing the best products to purchase. 

We'll be sure you know.

Whether you're search-ing for someone--have  a marital, child or domestic case--worker's comp-- shoplifting or internal
theft problems--or have any other investigative needs, our investigators can handle them all.
With our powerful network of national information database services, you can confirm pre-employment information, the background and credentials of a possible spouse, nanny, or anyone else with access to your home, family and business. 

Don't take unnecessary chances.  Know who you interact with!
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Business, Home, Family, Child Security
All in One Place!

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