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Consulting and Speaking

As a consultant, Sheila L. Stephens is ready with answers to your questions. Whether you’re a law enforcement professional, a writer, or have a question about security, your concerns will be handled with attention to detail and professionalism.   She welcomes your questions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  MORE

 See About Sheila for a bio of her background and experience.  

As a speaker, Sheila has something special.  Her knowledge is second to none, but her repoir with an audience makes her presentations unique.  Check out her most popular presentations.    

Childcare and Child Safety Resources

We especially want to help keep your child from harm

        Therefore, we search the world for the newest and best methods and technologies from which you can choose.   Children are not only important in the lives of their parents, but are the future and hope of we offer safety tips for children of all ages in our “Improving Personal Safety and Security” section. 

           Also, we continually upgrade and add to our line of children’s products to keep you up to date with what is available worldwide.            

For children's safety products of the

highest quality and lowest possible prices:

Go to The Safer Security Store!


Childproofing Your Home or Facility

Check out our childproofing page.  If you have babies or young children in the home, or operage a school or facility for children, then you must visit this page.   There are so many real dangers in an average  home, but most of us never consider them. 

        Our investigators are trained to spot irregularilties and trouble spots.  They will do a thorough  survey of your home or facility, and provide a detailed recommendation.  The recommendation will be written so that you can choose the items that you want to childproof--perhaps some now, some later--or all of them at once.  

         Then, you can choose as to whether they install the childproofing products or you can install them yourself.  The choices are up to you.  But, please don't miss this.  It is possibly the most important area of our site.   We feel strongly about preventing childhood injuries--especially since most of them are so very preventable!  


Personal and Home Security

            Browse our selection of items knowing that we are continually researching the best way to keep you, your home and family secure, and that we will only offer those items that meet our high standards for reliability.  

           Many losses occur because of employee theft--even in the home.  Our hidden cameras can help with this problem, and are invaluable in the case of a break-in.  Plus, our background and pre-employment checks can alert you to any past problems with household applicants before you hire them. 

           Protect yourself for your family and children
.  Check out our personal security options today.                                                                                              


Background and Pre-employment Searches

          Have the need to check someone out?
 A possible nanny, housekeeper or anyone you intend to employ?   A future mate or roommate?   
A possible business partner?  A child’s tutor?   

          We should be sure that we know those with access to our home or family.  We all wish that we lived in a world where this kind of check was not necessary.  The reality is, however, we do not.  Protect your home and children. 

          Go to our Background & Pre-employment Checks section for the most comprehensive search available today—at priced fro any budget!                                                                                 

For the Professional

Private Investigation—Background & Pre-employment Checks—Security Products  

          Whether you’re looking to find a long lost friend or loved one, have suspicions about your mate that you need to allay, or want to check on your child during the day and be sure that your nanny or caregiver is as wonderful as you believe, our private investigators can handle it. 

          If you are a business needing to investigate a worker’s comp applicant, a hospital or nursing home wanting to check patient complaints, or have any other investigative needs, our staff is available and competent to meet your needs.  

          Most business losses occur because of shoplifting and employee theft.  Our hidden cameras can help with both problems, and our background and pre-employment checks can alert you to any past problems with applicants before you hire them.  

                                                                  More on investigative services

                                                      More on Business/Corporate Services

Eldercare Investigation

         Do you have a loved one in a nursing home, assisted living facility or with a caregiver at home?  If so, you need to see how SaferSecurity, Inc.'s investigators can give you peace of mind concerning those you love.  

         Be sure that yur loved one is in good h ands.   Be sure you know who is caring for them when you are not around.  Plus, our unannounced checks (complete with hidden camera) will alert those in charge that you are keeping a close eye on what occurs.  Nothing could be more important than protecting those who can no longer protect themselves


See books to be published very soon!


       Browse products and services of the highest quality and best possible prices!  

                 Something is always on sale and contests and downloadable items will soon be available--but right now, Links and information are here for anything you need in the area of security.

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    Wonder how stun guns work and why everyone        should carry one?                                                        Read this!

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