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    The Book of Weapons, Technology and Surveillance
            The Everything Private Investigation Book

      Coming Soon!  The Book of Weapons

By Sheila L. Stephens

 Published by Writer's Digest Books in their new Howdunnit Series,
The Book of  Weapons, Technology and Surveillance is 
scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2009.

        This book ranks among the most comprehensive texts of its kind.   While not competing with the many books that describe thousands of firearms in detail, The Book of Weapons provides the reader a view of all types of weapons and their use--from firearms to non-traditional weapons such as hidden cameras--from law and technology as weapon to investigative techniques such as interrogation and undercover as weapon.    

        Yet, no book of this type can neglect the people who use these weapons.  
The Book of Weapons, Technology and Surveillance   details everyone from private investigators to spys, and reveals the manner in which they use weapons to make cases. 

        Also included, a special section on computer crimes and their 
  investigation by the new Cyber-Sleuths is especially timely.  Learn how these special investigators are trained to look at computer bytes as G-men were trained to look at fingerprints. 

       The Book of Weapons, Technology and Surveillance appeals to many markets: writers and journalists, weapons collectors, CSI fans, criminal justice students, history buffs and many others. 

       Closer to publication, we will provide a list for pre-ordering your copy.

    Other books in the series:

    Howdunit: Police Procedure & Investigation
    by Lee Lofland
    The Ultimate Crime-Fighter Guide for Writers!

    Howdunit: Book of Poisons
    by Serita Stevens & Anne Bannon

    Howdunit: Forensics and Fiction
    by D.P. Lyle M.D.

    Write Believable Crime Scenes!

    Get the entire series and cover all your bases!  Learn  all 
    these facets of law enforcement in one series of books! 

                         ---- IN STORES NOW! ---- 


      The Everything Private Investigation Book   

                              Sheila L. Stephens

Everything you've wanted to know about private investigation and P.I.s! 

 This amazing book provides a look inside the unusual world of the men and
 women of private investigation.  Private Investigator and retired ATF Special
 Agent Sheila L. Stephens writes of the manner in which real P.I.s conduct
 their work, showcasing real cases by famous P.I.s.

 For those of you who want to hang out your own shingle as an investigator,
 this book covers all the bases.  It provides information on how to develop
 the unique qualities necessary for success, as well as info on hard to find
 information sources. 

 It even details the optimal set-up of your surveillance vehicle, and describes
 the many surveillance techniques used by private investigators AND
 law enforcement. It also outlines the best way to work the different types of
 cases available to P.I.s. 

 The Everything Private Investigation Book reveals the best way
and locate the necessary equipment--the most up-to-date, coolest
 technology available!

 Finally, this book outlines everything else you'll need to know--from marketing to
 bookkeeping to office furniture--in order to set up your own successful
 business.  For more information than we can list here grab a copy. 

What Others are Saying About The Everything Private Investigation Book!

The Everything Private Investigation Book

Written by Sheila L. Stephens

Review by: Herb Galliart, Editor, The Agent, Newsletter of the National Association of Federal Agents.

This was a tough book to put down once I started reading it. Although the title would make one think that this book has everything, in reality, 289 pages can only scratch the surface on the subject of private investigations. There’s just way too much going on for one book to be able to include everything, but the most important stuff is right there.

This is a book for anyone who is interested in the profession, whether it be passing curiosity, or someone considering a career. The Everything Private Investigation Book shows you the basic research techniques and other interesting methods of investigation. It’s a guide to help you find information, people, and assets using the internet and other sources. Some of the most valuable advice given, is for those wishing to break into the business. Potential investigators can avoid many of the common mistakes and jump start their career with this guidance.

If you’re planning to start a business, the first five chapters cover most everything you need to know from the first step of answering the question, “Should you even be in this business?” to marketing, money matters, and other considerations. The last 14 chapters are the meat and potatoes that you bought the book for; all the goodies about how it’s done, the secrets and other tricks. There’s a lot of focus on positive use of the investigator’s skills, and excellent advice on ethics.

The Everything series of books can be read cover to cover, or you can pick out the information you want from the four series of boxes located throughout the book. The e-questions box has answers to common questions. The e-facts, important bits of information. The e-alerts box contains urgent warnings, and the e-essentials box lists quick handy tips.

The Everything Private Investigation Book by Sheila L. Stephens

289 pages $14.95 Adams Media


A Useful Resource for Professionals, January 29, 2009


James J. Brown (Raleigh, NC) - See all my reviews

I recently retired after thirteen years on the bench as a Federal Administrative Law Judge and spent twenty-four years as a Trial Attorney. I am the author and editor of three law books, and a novel. See: [...]. I am now doing legal consulting in tracing assets and money and in social security case matters. I found Shelia L. Stephens book on Private Investigations a very useful tool for the professional. I keep it on my desk top for easy reference. The book has an incredible table of contents and covers investigations completely, in a well-written step by step guide to this subject matter. It is not only a must read, but it is a very practical tool for professionals like private investigators, attorneys, paralegals, accountants and experts alike.

Hon.James J. Brown, Raleigh, NC 


      Sheila L. Stephens' book, The Everything Private Investigation Book, is so much more than I expected. I have owned and managed a nanny-finder service for thirteen years. Ms. Stephens' firm does all my background and pre-employment searches. I would trust no one else to do them as I know her to be an expert in her field and scrupulous in her integrity. 

      Yet, when I learned of her book, I did not read it for some time--after all, I'm not a private investigator. However, others were reading it, and continued to tell me how much information has been included about keeping children safe and finding abducted children. I decided to buy it. 

      Not only was I engrossed in the part of this book that addresses the safety of children, but I found myself going back to the beginning and reading to the end. I learned more than I've ever realized I didn't know! I learned, also, that the book is not written only for investigators. There are so many interesting and helpful chapters, anyone will be happy that they've bought this book. The world in which we live is rapidly changing, and security is important in all aspects of our lives. Ms. Stephens has covered the bases, here. 

      I am very busy, and do not usually comment on books, even the ones I love, so this review is evidence of my admiration for what Ms. Stephens has done. This is an amazing book. Don't pass it by.

Cathy Shumaker


Creator and Writer, January 8, 2009


Golden lady "creative writer" (Huntsville, Al) - See all my reviews

A world class read on an interesting subject. The most outstanding thing about this book is the integrity of the writer. Ms. Stephens leaves no stone unturned. I have heard her speak at conferences. She sparkles and her eyes light. She knows her stuff and communicates it well to others, whether speaking or writing. This book is no exception.
It's a great reference for mystery writers, or real sleuths.


A great read.  (Barnes and Noble)

Reader Rating See Detailed Ratings


Posted February 8, 2009, 7:29 PM EST: The Everything Private Investigation Book is not only a great read, but it is a great tool for investigators, business people, attorneys and anyone interested in security. There is so much in this book, it's hard to specifify everything that held my attention. However, I can say that I learned about new technologies and investigative secrets and tips that I had never heard before. I'll keep it as a resource, but I will also read several chapters again, just to refresh my memory.


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