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Personal Security--for yourself and for all those you love

         The subject of personal security is unique in that most people don't talk about it--not like we talk about finding a security system for our home or protection for our children.  Yet, as far as we at SaferSecurity, Inc. are concerned, it may be the single most important aspect of security.

         If you cannot protect yourself, you will be unable to do anything toward the protection of anyone or anything that is important to you.   Take care of yourself so you can take care of those you love. 

         We want you to be safe, but we don't promote fear.  We don't list the percentage of crime in the world--you can see that on T.V. every night.  Instead, we promote empowerment. We prepare you to meet life's challenges.  When prepared, you can take care of yourself AND the people who depend upon you.  
          When prepared, there's no need for fear

          There are many products in our Personal Security section and many more will be added, but two of them--stun guns and pepper spray--merit some extra explanation. 

          These two products have different uses but work together.  I recommend carrying both. 

          Please examine the sections on stun guns and pepper spray to discover their important uses. 

           Protecting  yourself is  taking care of your family!

Why Carry a Stun Gun?

Click here to learn the truth
about Stun Guns and their use.

Why Carry Pepper Spray?

Are pepper sprays really different? 

Click here to find out just how different

UDAP Pepper Spray Testimonials

Childcare and Child Safety Resources

        We especially want to help keep your child from harm. Therefore, we search the world for the newest and best products and technologies from which to choose--and work continually to upgrade our services.

        Children are not only important in the lives of their parents, but are the future and hope of nations. We offer safety tips for children of all ages in our “Improving Personal Safety and Security” section. 

      Plus, we continually upgrade and add to our line of children’s products to keep you up to date with what is available worldwide.  
      To view these products go to
The Safer Security Store 

 Childcare and Child Safety Resources

        Check out the amazing childcare and safety resources that we have amassed for you.  Check back often, as we will continue to upgrade this area--including the addition of tips and a newsletter. 

        We have included a special section on childcare specialists if you are in need of a professional caregiver.  



        The professionals of SaferSecurity, Inc. have an amazing ability to size up
any security risks that may be present in your homel or childcare facility.  There are many hidden and little known risks that canbe easily and inexpensively remedied.  You'll be amazed. 

         Once we identify the areas of concern, our customers usually tell us, "I should have thought of that."  Or, I've never even considered that."  This is normal.  Most people become so used to their environment, they feel comfortable, and don't recognize problems.  However, knowing the risks around us is the business of SaferSecurity, Inc.   Let us identify those dangers to which you have become comfortable.   

       If you're concerned about employee and customer safety , see Business Risk Assessment for the same thorough risk evaluation for your business or facility.

Background and Pre-employment Searches

        Do you know someone that should be checked out?  A possible business or even dating partner?  A nanny?  A housekeeper or groundskeeper?  An aquaintence or employee of any type who has access to your home and family should be cleared by our nationwide database of records.  
        Give yourself peace of mind and protect your home, business and family. Know those with whom you associate.  It just makes good sense, especially where your children are concerned. 

Private Investigations

                                        The professionals of SaferSecurity, Inc. are highly trained and experienced-- qualified to handle most any situation.   Bonded, licensed and insured, they can be relied upon to provide prompt, efficient investigations. 

Reports and Pricing


Eldercare Investigations

       Perhaps the most important part of our website is the information on eldercare investigations.  Using hidden cameras, our investigators make random and unnanonced visits to the facility, nursing home or home-care facility.  They will covertly record the conditions and the care that your loved one receives.  

       Many times these visits result in peace of mind--which is
everyone's goal--but sometimes, problems are detected.  In the
unfortunate case that abuse or neglect is uncovered, the recording
provides all the evidence that is needed.  When cameras are used,
cases rarely even go to court. 

       At the very least, our investigators' visits alert the facility to the
fact that the patient has people who care about him or her, and are
watching their care with diligence. 

       We feel strongly abou the care of the elderly, and pledge that,
 as far as current technology allows, we will work to protect those
who can no longer protect themselves. 

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