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Home > Personal Security > Personal Security-Why Do You Need a Stun Gun?
PERSONAL SECURITY-Why Do You Need a Stun Gun?

Why do you need a stun gun?

        A stun gun is an excellent defensive weapon for many reasons. Unlike most stun guns on the market today, the ones that we carry never need batteries. Just plug them into the wall once a month and they’re ready to go. These weapons are small enough to conceal anywhere and strong enough to put the largest assailant on the ground while you get away.

Stun Gun Power:

        The real power of a stun gun lies in its pulse frequency rate, not in its voltage. While voltage is important, the pulse frequency rate determines a stun gun’s knock-down power. It’s the frequency rate that disrupts the neural pathways between the attacker’s brain and his/her muscles causing conversion of blood sugar to lactic acid and loss of muscle control. Anything of at least 100,000 volts, produced by a reputable manufacturer, will have a high enough pulse frequency rate to put the attacker on the ground.

        SaferSecurity has the newest stun guns on the market, small and sleek in design, with re-chargeable batteries that plug right into the wall. Never again worry whether your batteries need replacing! Just plug your gun into the wall once a month and it’s ready for use.

        When a stun gun puts out a high voltage shock, an attacker can be touched with the product and he will be immobilized for several minutes, with no permanent damage. A very short two second shock will cause muscle spasms and an extremely dazed state of mind for around fifteen minutes. Five seconds of the gun will cause one to feel as though they had been pushed off a two story building (or so we’ve been told). The stun gun does NOT have to touch exposed skin—the same effect will be achieved through clothing.

        A little known fact about stun guns is that you must have a minimum of one to two seconds of contact for them to be effective on many people. Some Stun Gun sellers claim that only a split second is needed. No matter what brand of stun gun you purchase, you must make good contact, so don’t be afraid to hold the gun on your attacker. You will not feel the shock, even if he is touching you. In self defense products, there isn't any room for trial and error—so practice. Your life or the life of a loved one could depend on it.

        Although it's important to test your stun gun to make sure it works every week or so, don't hold down the button for more than a few seconds. Doing so for more than a few seconds can damage the product. Save the power for when you need it. Unlike self-defense sprays which are pressurized cans, you don't have to worry about leaving a Stun Gun in a car in which heat could potentially cause the unit to accidentally discharge.

Disadvantage Of Stun Guns

        The overall disadvantage of stun guns is the fact that you have to be in close range and make contact with the attacker for them to be effective. However, there are times when this happens without your consent such as a car-jacking or an attack in elevators, stair wells or parking garages. In these confined spaces, you don’t want to use pepper spray because you will feel the effects as well. Many people keep a stun gun by their bed, in their car and any other confined area where they may be vulnerable.

The Air Taser

        The disadvantage of Stun Guns is that you have to be right up to someone for them to work at all. You have to touch them with it.  The taser is the first stun weapon where this is not the case, but it has definite disadvantages for the average citizen. 

        The Air Taser is the first shooting Stun Gun.  The Air Taser works just like a stun gun but shoots 15 feet. It uses compressed air that shoots two small probes at an attacker.  The probes are connected by a special Taser wire back to the main unit.  If you miss, you can still use the Taser as a Stun Gun. It has an optional red dot for aiming and several holster designs. 

        Many states now require a gun permit in order to carry a Taser, however.  They are invasive-- they stick in the body of the attacker--and have been known to cause serious injury, whereas the stun gun’s physical effects last only around twenty to thirty minutes.


State Stun Gun Laws:    
Law about stun guns in all states.         

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