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UDAP Pepper Spray Testimonials

I have a Jogger Fogger and tonight had the occasion to use it.

My wife, carrying our baby, was chased through our garage by a female pit bull. She just made the door to the house before it caught her. I retrieved my Jogger Fogger and went outside to see if the dog was still there. The dog spotted me and charged instantly, prompting me to lay down a fog of spray. I hit the dog square in the face and it turned inside out to run the other way, a truly amazing reaction from a dog that had its head down and was coming for action. The only downfall was that my wife, who had come out to see what was happening, got a heavy dose of incidental spray. She can now vouch for the effectiveness of your products. Thanks again for a fantastic product.
                                                                                              Jon Jegglie

"Don't forget your Keys... or your UDAP Key Chain Pepper Spray"

         I returned to my apartment in Vancouver, WA and walked                                in on someone attempting to break into my apartment. The man was about 6' 3" and I'm guessing was over 200 pounds. When he saw me, he came after me. I dropped what I was carrying and reached for my keys, where I always carry a UDAP Key Chain pepper spray. I sprayed the intruder and he immediately dropped to the ground. He didn't move! Luckily a Clark County deputy came on his nightly patrol and I flagged him down. He was quite impressed with the pepper spray. I later found out that the intruder was drunk and                                 had cocaine in his system. I truly believe that little canister of                               pepper spray saved me that night! 
                                                           Elizabeth Herdina, Vancouver, Washington

Key Chain Spray

"When I heard the coughing and gagging I turned around to see them gasping 
   for air."   

         I wanted to personally thank you for producing such a great product! In Wyoming I was jogging along the remote Snake River, and came across three obvious transients who tried to assault me. After purchasing a UDAP Jogger Fogger from the local store, with the elastic band for easier carrying, I never had it out of my grip when running since I was afraid of wild animals and wanted protection. I never thought I would use it on a human. When three thugs blocked my path, one of them wielding a knife, I went into defense mode and immediately laid out a fog and reversed my direction. When I heard the coughing and gagging I turned around to see three very harmless bodies on the ground gasping for air, while one crawled to the waters edge. I can only imagine what would have happened had I not been carrying my can of UDAP self defense spray. It all came back to me just recently when a very good friend had a similar encounter and was viciously attacked. He had "regular" mace and his assailant did a number on him. I immediately went and bought the Pepper Spray Kit you produce and kept the Jogger Fogger for myself and gave him the Key Chain, #9 Magnum, and the Pepper Pin. YOUR PRODUCT WORKS!!!
                                                                 Dwayne Rickett, San Diego, California

Man's best friend - Two Large Dogs vs. Owner & Small Dog

         On the night of Aug. 30, 1998, my Scottie and I decided to take a walk around the block. In the darkness of the night we rounded a corner only to be surprised by two large dogs charging us at full speed with lips pulled back and teeth bared. With only seconds to react, I yanked my 24 lb. Scottie into the air while simultaneously drawing my Magnum PD Pepper Power from my waistband. The spray came out of the holster quickly and almost in an instant the safety was off. As the two 80 lb. dogs started to attack, I pulled the trigger and stopped them as if they had hit a brick wall. Last seen the two dogs were turning somersaults and rubbing their muzzles in the grass. Around the block or in the Colorado high country, we don't go anywhere without Pepper Power. My Scottie Angus and I want to thank you for saving his life and saving me from a serious mauling. In a crisis UDAP is a best friend. 
                                                                                              Richard Boulware

Jogger Fogger ----Always there when you need it!

The #3P Jogger Fogger is our most popular all-around self defense unit. Designed to fit easily in the palm of your hand with a stretch band to hold it securely in place. The most effective unit for protection against attacks on dark streets, parking lots, and other dangerous urban environments. With holster's inner loop, it can also be worn on a belt for mail carriers, delivery people, meter readers, etc... For bicycle enthusiasts the jogger fogger can also be strapped on the back of your hand. Pick up one of the most versatile self defense units on the market today!!!

Safety is in the Palm of Your Hand!!!
Jogger Fogger

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