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Childcare and Child Safety Resources

         An excellent childcare service follows.  Give Cathy Shumaker a call and discover what we already know—she's simply the best!

         Both agencies require their child care providers to undergo thorough, nationwide background checks, and to provide proof of valid driver's license and insurance, negative TB skin tests, CPR certification, excellent childcare references and more.

          If an applicant makes it through all these steps, she still has to pass the interview.  Neither one of these agencies accepts child care providers without putting them through pages and pages of interview questions.  It's grueling, but the result is rewarding--you are offered the best possible candicates from which to choose a caregiver for your child

My Nanny and Me

         Cathy Shumaker has served the state of Alabama as the owner of My Nanny and Me for over eleven years.  Her nannies are "the cream of the crop."  It is
no exaggeration to say that Cathy selects each professional, for you, just  as if she were choosing 
them to care for her own boys.  

          Cathy is the reason that My Nanny and Me has been so very successful.  Her  reputation is legendary, her references amazing and her integrity impeccable.  

  Check out her website at:

Amber Alert Sticks - Makes every second count!

The AMBER stick™ is the world's first fully portable
child identification device and is endorsed by Code
Amber. Each purchase provides financial support to
the Code Amber project.  Reduces reporting time from hours to minutes.

Built in software on a small USB Flash Drive makes it accessible in seconds on any windows based computer, and allows it to be carried on your key chain, purse or wallet. If one of your children, or another family member, goes missing simply hand the Amber stick to the police officer and give them your password. All of the information needed to file a missing person report is immediately available to the officer.

Version 2 of the Amber Stick is now available. The new version allows you to keep information on adults and pets as well as children on one stick.

DNAPrint Genomics, also provides a DNA Analysis in PDF format which can be uploaded to the Amber Stick through an additional feature added to the new Version 2 software. Click the DNAPrint logo for complete information on this leading edge new product.

The AMBER stick™ is secured by a password to ensure your privacy and all the information you provide for each child, is encrypted for complete security. At only 29.95 it comes with free shipping and a three year warranty.

  • The AMBER stick™ also automatically creates "Missing Person" flyers instantly.
  • The AMBER stick™ automatically creates a file to be imported into a law enforcement officer's computer.
  • The AMBER stick™ is password protected and all information is encrypted for total privacy.
  • The AMBER stick™ can hold information about your entire family all on one AMBER stick™.


Megan's Law

For more information on this law enacted to protect our children CLICK HERE

Missing and Exploited Children

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