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Elder Care Investigation

        If you have a loved one in any kind of facility—a nursing home, assisted living center, retirement community, hospital, half-way house or private home—we will help ease your mind about their treatment.

        Our investigators are trained to detect warning signs and problems even where attempts have been made to conceal them. They will make unannounced visits to the facility or home and, wearing a body camera, record the conditions and level of care that your loved one receives.

        After documenting these things, investigators will talk with the patient, administrators, nurses, and caregivers.By doing this, we make it clear that the patient has people who care about him or her, and will keep a watchful eye. Speaking with the patient is key.  Many times, they tell an investigator what is kept from family for fear of upsetting them. Oftentimes they are afraid that family members will overreact, causing retaliation or at the very least, uncomfortable relationships. With investigator visits, conditions improve.

        The tape or DVD will then be forwarded to you, or to the attorney that you indicate, along with a detailed report.  If a problem is detected, having a recording of it eliminates any "he said—she said" testimony. 

        The truth is right there for anyone to see, including law enforcement officials should filing charges become necessary.  Plus, if charges should be filed, having recorded evidence usually ensures that the case will 
never make it to trial--but will be settled out of court.

        Most of the time, however, occasional visits by our investigators can prevent situations that would lead to the necessity of filing charges at all.  This is our goal.

        If we uncover a reason to suspect abuse or neglect, there are options.  We can investigate the facility or home further.  We can put hidden cameras within the patient's room to document every person who enters and every action they take.

        If the patient is cared for in your home or by someone within your employ, we can do a background check on them.  It's best to do this before your caregiver is hired, but can still be done after the fact. We can also check to be sure that licenses are current and in place where they should be.

Many elder care facilities and caregivers are exactly what they seem, but others are understaffed or are lacking in the number of highly qualified personnel necessary for optimum patient care.  There is also a natural turnover of employees in any facility.

Because of these things, it just makes sense to check everything out periodically, especially when the price is so reasonable.  At any rate, why take the chance?Make sure that you loved ones are being cared for as you would care for them.  When you know that all is as it should be—you can have peace.

We are not in the business of causing fear—we are in the business of empowering you within your world.  When empowered, there is no need for fear or worry.

Our professionals can put a camera in almost anything! 

A popular choice for hospitals and nursing, or assisted living homes is a plant camera such as the one pictured on the right. 

Choose from self-contained and wireless or wired units. 

Videos do not lie.  Let the video show you how wonderfully your loved one is cared for.  However, if this is not the case, there will be no difficulty proving it.

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Government & Advocacy Groups

National Citizens Coalition for Nursing Home Reform 

NCCNHR provides information and leadership on federal and state regulatory and legislative policy development and models and strategies to improve care and life for residents of nursing homes and other long term care facilities.

US Senate Committee on Aging

The Special Committee on Aging studies issues, conducts oversight of programs, and investigates reports of fraud and waste on matters relating to older Americans.  Its findings and recommendations serve as a focal point in the Senate for discussion, debate, and ultimately legislation. In addition, the Committee publishes materials of assistance to those interested in public policies which relate to the elderly.

National Center on Elder Abuse

The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) is a national resource for elder  rights, law enforcement and legal professionals, public policy leaders, researchers, and the public. The Center's mission is to promote understanding, knowledge sharing, and action on elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation. The NCEA is administered under the auspices of the National Association of State Units on Aging.

Useful Online Resources

AARP: Care & Family

Tips for managing the stresses of care giving, forums to talk with other caregivers, and assistance in selecting the right assisted living facility.

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