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Megan's Law

The federal version of Megan's Law was enacted on May 17th, 1996.  It mandates that every state develop a procedure for notifying residents
of sex offenders residing there.  Each state differs on how the information
is reported.

One of the important aspects of Megan's Law  is the requirement of convicted sex offenders to notify authorities of their current addresses.
Each time a convicted sex offender moves they are required to notify
the local police of their new address, so their whereabouts are known
at all times.  However, this requirement is not always permanent and
many convicted sex offenders are only required to report updates of
their addresses for ten years.

One problem is that many sex offenders provide bogus addresses, or
refuse to report at all. They are also notoroious for moving around to
throw law enforcement off their trail.

Background of Megan's Law

On Friday, July 29, 1994, seven year old Megan Nicole Kanka just disappeared.  Promising Megan a puppy, her neighbor, Jesse Timmendequas, lured her into his home where he raped, strangled and suffocated her.

Her body was stuffed into a plastic toy chest and dumped in a nearby
park.  The two-time registered sex offender who took Megan's life was
hardly a stranger. He lived across the street from the Kanka home and
shared his house with two other convicted sex offenders whom he had
met in prison.

This brutal attack is what prompted the first state legislation that led
to federal involvement in creating the law referred to today as Megan's
Law.  This legislation was a landmark event and a tremendous move
toward securing the protection of our children.

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