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FOR THE PROFESSIONAL - Information Services

Information Services—Background and Pre-employment Checks 

          Important to SaferSecurity's multifaceted organizational services,  the background and pre-employment checks division is connected to a powerful network of national information databases. 
          Whether you want to confirm business or corporate pre-employment information, check the background of a possible spouse, or verify the credentials of a nanny or other employee, this is the place to do so.

Possible checks (out of hundreds):

-- State and federal criminal records History/Wants and Warrants·

-- Coming soon – Arrest History

-- Federal sex offender registry

-- Court Records/Evictions/Notice of Default

-- Licenses and Registrations

-- Vehicle Ownership and Driving History

-- Business Records

-- Asset/Real Property Searches

-- State Civil Judgments/Verdicts/Settlements

-- Workers Comp

-- Credit Checks

-- People Locator/Skip Tracing

--Newspaper articles concerning object of search (this may be valuable in detecting those who have been suspected of criminal behavior, but were not charged for whatever reason-it can illuminate someone who has been accused of something such as sexual abuse--if it happened more than once, it can be a cause for concern). 

       Our prices for background/pre-employment checks will save you money, while adding the distinct advantage of years of law enforcement experience to the search. 

     Searches can also be combined into packages to save you money.   

      Aside from cost, however, the most important aspect of a background/pre-employment check is accuracy and completeness. 

     Almost anyone can apply to some of these online systems that claim to be able to supply full background and criminal history reports.  However, there are problems with many of these systems. 

      The untold truth is that there are only a few fully functional systems that can really deliver what they promise, and not just anyone can become certified to use them.  Their rigorous requirements take time, effort and qualifications in order to pass--time and effort that many are unwilling to expend, and qualifications which most who seek to sell this type of infomation simply do not possess.  

      Another not so widely known fact is that these online systems are usually not sufficient in themselves to do proper "due diligence" on perspective employees, spouses, etc.    One of the most important reasons for this is that, in many states, information is not entirely online.  So, while an online system may provide certain information to its customers, there is much more that is just not available to them. 

      Therefore, the few systems that are reliable, use private investigators to gather any information that is not yet automated.   You can rest assured that SaferSecurity, Inc. employs the best of these systems--not just one, but two of them in order to ensure accuracy and completeness of reports.    

     Plus, and most importantly, our investigators have the experience to discipher the information provided by these systems, to spot trouble areas and inconsistencies that can otherwise be easily missed or information that is conspicuously absent, deceptive or altered.   An operator sitting in a cubicle for the purpose of running an online check cannot do this for you.    

     Use these online systems at your risk.  Ironically, many charge much more than SaferSecurity, Inc.  

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