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Corporate or Business Security: Service—Integrity—Reliability  

        For many years, the failure of around 30% of U.S. businesses has been linked to employee theft.   In the year 2000, the retail industry reported a loss of 44.5% of all lost revenue, or inventory shrinkage, due to employee theft, with a loss of 32.7% due to shoplifting. 

        The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, in its 2004 “Report to the Nation”, revealed that the typical U.S. organization loses 6% of its annual revenue to fraud.  Applied to the U.S. Gross National Product, this translates to over $660 billion dollars in losses for America’s businesses.

        As a result, businesses are forced to protect their inventory as well as intellectual property and marketing strategies.  The problem, however, is that all surveillance and security products are not equal.  Many products are available, especially online, but few actually deliver what they promise.  Check out our section on business security and call for a consultation about surveillance equipment that will really protect your valuable assets.  

        Your business may be in need of hidden
cameras, lighting solutions, tracking software
or other items for the protection of  inventory,
customers  and employees.  

        Hidden cameras are not only important for
observing employee theft and shoplifting--they 
are also important for protecting your customers
and employees from robberies or "snatch and
"grab" artists.

        Don't take chances!  Installing camers that no one knows about but you, will do all of the above--protect your inventory, customers and employees.  

       **See also our “Background and Pre-employment” search section—be sure you know who you’re hiring and reduce the chances that you won’t have to be sorry later.                                                                         MORE

     For a look at a sample report see:                      MORE

     Read the newest research recommending background/pre-employment checks, lighting and cameras for businesses.

     Want to know the typical losses for your business nationwide?  This chart
will show you losses by type and sales of businesses.

See Business Services for much more info!

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Browse The Safer Security Store for many items appropriate to your business--or call, and one of our security professionals will be happy to help you.  


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