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Recommendations and Testimonials


         "Sheila L. Stephens' presentation on Gangs in America caused my pen to run out of ink. The amount of information she offered, and her engaging manner kept attendees of the Pacific Northwest Writers' Association's 2006 conference rapt. Everything from the way she stood, with her former 'gun side' away from the audience, to her detailed pictures of gang tattoos drew me in to a world I knew little about. Stephens is a tremendous resource for any crime or mystery writer. From her years as an ATF agent, Stephens revealed details about gangs and guns the regular public wouldn't know. If you have a chance to attend one of her sessions, do it. Your writing will soar with the inclusion of Stephens' facts about the real and gritty underworld of gangs."

Melissa Morse

         "Ms. Stephens delivered a powerful presentation for the 2006 New England Law Review's Annual Symposium on 'The CSI Effect' in which she examined the effects of crime scene television on real crime labs. Ms. Stephens presentation was not only compelling, but was extremely well organized and delivered in an emotional style that I believe to be unique to this spirited Southern woman who has been through things in her life about which they do not even make television shows. It was a pleasure working with her, and even more of a pleasure to hear her present."

Cecelia Lockner
Business Managing Editor, The Law Review of the New England School of Law

         "Sheila Stephens was a wonderful panelist at our Law Review Symposium entitled 'The CSI Effect.' She spoke on a panel entitled 'Pop Culture and the Courtroom: Prosecution Problems and Solutions to the CSI Effect.' Her experience and enthusiasm for this subject certainly came across to our audience. Sheila Stephens is an engaging and interesting speaker and we were proud to have her as a part of our event."

Kolbi L. Cumbo, Editor, The New England Law Review
Organizer, The 2006 Law Review Symposium

         "Sheila Stephens brings a thoughtful and intellectually curious attitude to some of the most vexing problems concerning forensic science."

-- Simon A. Cole, Associate Professor of Criminology, Law & Society
University of California, Irvine
Author of Suspect Identities: A History of Fingerprinting and Criminal Identification

         "Sheila Stephens is an extremely knowledgeable and captivating lecturer and educator. I've had the pleasure of joining her as a co-speaker and panel member for a major writer's conference, and I've attended her workshops. Sheila's presentations are simply wonderful. She's is a walking encyclopedia of law-enforcement information."

Lee Lofland, author of the Book of Police Procedure and Investigations (2007)

         "Over the years, I have witnessed a handful of speakers endowed with the skill necessary to drag a Rotary audience's attention away from their meal.Sheila Stephens is at the top of this short list.She not only captured the attention of a group who has seen and heard pretty much everything—something I have rarely seen, but she also held their attention—something I have never seen."

Mona Fisher, Board Member
Rotary Club, Vestavia, AL

         "At the request of a friend, I attended one of Sheila Stephens' workshops, stoically prepared to suffer through material of little interest to me, as I write in a different genre.Therefore, I was totally surprised to find myself drawn into her presentation until the end, and even further surprised, and pleased, to take away so much useful information.

         Go figure!  If you have a chance to catch her 'show', do it.  You'll be glad
you did."

Joan Golden, Huntsville, AL
Yosemite Writer's Conference attendee

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