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Microlight ML830 Cold Laser

Microlight ML830 Cold Laser

About the Microlight Corporation of America

Maker of the ML830® Smart Laser

        SaferSecurity Inc. has partnered with the Microlight Corporation of America to offer the ML830 Cold Laser program, a complete solution for professionals looking to offer laser therapies in conjunction with, or without, the added benefits of topical CBD oil products.

        The Microlight Corporation of America is the nation’s leader in cold laser technology, as the exclusive manufacturer of the patented ML830® Smart Laser. Microlight developed and brought to market the ML830® after 12 years of research and 2 double-blind studies that led to FDA clearance as a Class III medical device.

        Microlight is the leader in education, research, and product development for laser therapy across the world. Microlight Founder and Chief Executive Officer Michael Barbour brought the first cold laser therapy to the U.S. market and FDA in 1990. Prior, he was the Founder and President of the Houston Laser Institute, where he conducted surgical laser training for medical professionals for 10 years.

        Microlight’s products are used by athletic trainers, chiropractors, medical doctors, physical therapists, and veterinarians across the world. Over 24,000 practitioners across the world use the ML830® Laser, which has been on the market for over 28 years, and is supported by over 500 published clinical studies since 1995. The ML830® Smart Laser was even used by the New England Patriots, with more than 10 Patriots players using the device prior to their 2004 Super Bowl win. The ML830® has been featured by NBC, FOX, CBS’ The Doctors, The Washington Post, and CBS.

        Kannaway and Microlight hold a strong respect for each other’s leadership and accomplishments in their respective fields of cold laser therapy and CBD. As pioneers in our respective fields, we mutually believe that the combination of these two innovative products can provide significant benefit to millions of people around the country, and the professionals who support their health.


Why Use CBD with the Laser?

Chosen as the go-to CBD for physicians world-wide, and the only CBD included in the PDR, Kannaway has been shown to have reliable labeling as to what is in their products, pure CBD extracted by water rather than chemicals and other products, and the only one which has been shown by mulitiple research to to work with the Microlight Cold Laser ML 830 to address pain, inflammation, carpel tunnel, neuropathy, and other conditions plaguing many, not only as they age, but after injury.


Kannaway CBD -Reliable, Tested, Product – Only CBD in the PDR (see SHOP for All)

Whether you chose topical for use with the laser and the treatment of pain &  inflammation or oral liquid or capsules, you will be happy you gave this CBD a try rather than and those of questionable content and extraction processes. The FDA is cracking down on many of these companies!

– In-Store Packages for  Pulse ML830 Treatment –


– Purchase the ML830 Smart Laser –

The Healing Power of Laser Light Combined with the Natural Wellness Properties of CBD, should you choose to use CBD, is a groundbreaking new initiative from Microlight Corporation of America that offers the combined benefits of low-level energy infrared laser technology and topical CBD oil. When used in conjunction, these two distinct wellness solutions can have synergistic benefits for the skin, joints, muscles, and more. However, the Laser does not need CBD in order to provide a successful result in reducing, and in some cases, eliminating pain!

Included in the ML830® Smart Laser:

• Smart Laser Console
• (2) Paddle Laser Probe
• Operating Guide
• Velcro Straps for Probe
• Protective Cover for Probe
• Protective Cover for Smart Laser
• Laser Safety Glasses & Case
$4,995 I BV: 2000 (Regularly priced at $5,995)

Pure CBD Oil and Kannaway® Pure CBD Topical for use with Laser:

• Available in 2oz bottle {500mg CBD)
• Available in 4oz bottle {1500mg CBD)
2oz bottle: $69.99 I 40BV
4oz bottle: $177.58 I 110BV
Prices do not include shipping and handling

– How the ML830® and Topical CBD Oil Work –

The patented ML830® Smart Laser is a low-level energy infrared laser that operates at 830 nm wavelength. This wavelength of light uniquely penetrates through the skin, muscle tissue, fat, and body fluid up to 2 inches in the body, supporting relief through photobiostimulation.

CBD naturally promotes functional balance by stimulating the body’s endocannabinoid system. Products like Pure CBD Topical Liquid can be applied directly to the body for focused benefits for joints, skin, and muscles.

Early research and expert feedback suggest that Cold Laser technology and topical CBD oil used in conjunction may have synergistic benefits.

SaferSecurity, Inc. offers several CBD options for your choices!

– FDA Approved as Class IIIb Medical Device –

Microlight was the first company with FDA clearance to marketlow-level laser therapy (“LLLT”) as an adjunctive therapy. The Microlight ML830® is classified by the FDA as a light-based laser instrument with a non-heating effect for adjunctive use in pain therapy. The FDA has determined that the Microlight ML830® is Substantially Equivalent to three predicate devices marketed for indication of temporary relief from minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness, minor arthritis pain or muscle spasm, the temporary increase in local blood circulation and the temporary relaxation of muscles.

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corporation of America

The Microlight Corporation of America, headed by Mike Barbour, is a pioneer in the field of Cold Laser technology and the exclusive manufacturer of the patented ML830® Smart Laser. By way of a double-blind study with General Motors, Microlight became the first company in the world to obtain a SlO(k) laser clearance.

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