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Private Investigation

Need a Private Investigator, a Background/Pre-employment Check, or Security/Safety Consultation for Your Personal, Home, Business, or Child Environment?


SaferSecurity, Inc. is a Full-Service, State Licensed, Security Investigative Firm


  • Our licensed professionals have one mission and one goal: to bring you the highest quality service and products at the lowest possible prices. We do this by treating you and every client with respect, integrity and generosity of spirit, exactly as we would like to be treated.
  • Each type of investigation requires different skills and even different experience and equipment. We ensure that you receive the correct investigator for the investigation you need. By working together with licensed investigators whose specialties are unique, we cover any type of security service you may need.
  • We can also provide any equipment necessary for obtaining the best evidence – every action taken with eyes on the knowledge that, should this case end up in court, the evidence is sound and has been legally obtained.
  • SaferSecurity, Inc.’s President and CEO Sheila L Stephens has spent her life in local and federal law enforcement.
  • Sheila L Stephens, CEO, is 2nd Vice President of the Alabama Private Investigation Association (A.P.I.A.).
  • Her agency’s approach to investigation is guided by strict adherence to the rules of evidence with each case prepared as if it will end up in court. All cases, large or small, are handled with the same diligence and care. Our professionals bring years of law enforcement training and experience to their positions as private investigators.
  • Reports are returned quickly and reviewed for accuracy then itemized to ensure truth in billing.
  • Cases include free consultations, and audio/video surveillance can be added to any case or purchased on its own.

The following are just some of the investigations we perform:

  • Child/Childcare Investigations Plus Optional Consultations Regarding Safety of the Child’s Environment. 

Children are among the most vulnerable of populations and must be protected. At SaferSecurity, Inc., we want to ensure that protecting the children in our communities is top priority. Therefore, we have products and investigative services that can help you do that with your children.



Did the ball hit him? Yes, but he’s alright!

Don’t you wish that we could protect our children from all of life’s hurts?

Of course, we all do…..

Although we can’t protect them from everything, we can work together to help keep them from many known dangers, some you may never have thought about.

Yet, children aren’t the only family members in need of protection. Those of the elderly who can no longer protect themselves also need and deserve some extra looking after as well. See the next area of investigation: Eldercare.




  • Eldercare Investigations

At Safersecurity, Inc., we feel strongly about protecting those who are unable to protect themselves. Because of this we have developed a successful specialization in eldercare investigation.

These investigations are sensitive and must be handled appropriately and legally. Ours are backed by cutting edge technology, research and years of law enforcement experience. Whether we use a hidden body camera or leave one (such as this one pictured here) in the patient’s room, you will see how he or she is cared for when you are not there. And, you will have proof should you ever need it.


Along with purchases of products or investigations for your elderly, you receive free consultations as to the legalities of equipment used and when and where it can be used. Strict laws are in place, different as to audio and video surveillance and specific to different states, enacted to protect the privacy of both those for whose safety we investigate, those around them, and others.




  • Child & Eldercare Nanny Cams (from our line of covert cameras)

Hidden cameras of all types are on the market these day, with at all kinds of prices. However, many of them are just not up to the needs of day to day operations, nor are they of sufficient quality for adequate subject identification should that become necessary.

Browse our line of nanny cams and other types of surveillance cameras. Ask how our professionals can place quality cameras in almost anything you desire. Check out our shop. What we don’t have, we will find for you.



  • Pre-employment & Background Checks

In today’s world, no one should have access to your business, home or children without passing a thorough background check. Nanny? Housekeeper? Potential partner? Fiance? Check them out! Know who you deal with! But, understand that not all information databases are of the same quality and scope. Don’t risk everything you love by using a database with limited access and questionable integrity. Stephen Levitt, co-author of “Freakanomics” and renowned economics professor at the University of Chicago, cites research showing that more than 50% of all people lie on their resumes. Don’t let them lie to you! Though some info is not available online, our network of investigators can work with others to do searches in local courthouses should you choose.

Businesses: Discover if your applicants have a criminal record or history of violence, and protect yourself from charges of negligent hiring and negligent retention; especially in these days of senseless workplace violence. Our National network of databases are powerful and comprehensive enough to find all available information. When information is not available online, investigators across the country can go to the source to retrieve it first hand.

Individuals: Be sure you know who has access to and is working around your home, your possessions, and your most valuable assets – your children.



Personal | Home | Child Security Checks

Our databases can help you know who the people that work in your home really are. Nannies, housekeepers, grounds-keepers or maintenance workers should all pass a background check to protect the people you love. Even so, you may want to do either a once in a while check of these workers or ask about inexpensive means of keeping an eye on those who are responsible for what you love. Knowledge is power. In the case of background checks and surveillance of anyone, we must remind you that specific laws, which can differ by state, are in place to guide the way you can legally do these things.

Working with your attorney, all cases are prepared to be presented in court should this become necessary!