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Research Study – Optimal Wellness & Performance

SaferSecurity, Inc., hosting The Valkyrie Initiative’s 501(c)3 nonprofit organization,

SaferSecurity/Valkyrie location

will open as soon as the shelter in place order has lifted in Alabama.

We will offer security products and services to the public, a portion of the profits going to the nonprofit’s services for vets and first responders.

The Valkyrie website is under construction now, and can be found at:


Some of the same products and services that SaferSecurity, Inc. provides for the public will be available to veterans and first responders at reduced or no charge:




  • Performance O2/LIVE O2 product sales and in-house sessions – an oxygen delivery system which mimics the benefits from training/working out at high altitudes. Fifteen minutes sessions deliver results – expansion of respiratory and circulatory systems, increased oxygenation, and overall increased wellness.  Results are quickly obtained.


  • BEMER product sales and in-house sessions – In eight minutes per session, the unique patented BEMER signal, unlike and way beyond any other PEMF device on the market, works to increase blood flow and strengthen the circulatory system, resulting in increased metabolic and cellular function. 20 years of research on this product is available and is in use in 43 countries besides the U.S. Introduced into the U.S. in the last few years, it is FDA Approved and classified as a Class II medical device. BEMER officials are pursuing the ability to obtain insurance reimbursement. The application is affordable and effective.



SaferSecurity, Inc. & The Valkyrie Initiative will pursue studies on the use of both these products, individually, as well as the use of them together. This is a pilot study to discover and document the benefits for veterans and first responders, both being populations exposed to stress, challenges, and trauma as job conditions.

As a bonus included with treatments, an evaluation of brain health and function, from an Amen Clinic (Dr. Daniel Amen) certified health coach, along with recommendations for improvement, will be included should participants choose.

Please contact Sheila L Stephens, former police officer and retired ATF special agent, for more information and for sign up.  205-835-2213.

Requirements for study participantion:

      • Proof of military service or having worked as a first responder for at least 4 years.
      • Dr.’s release for exercise in the case of Performance O2 sessions
      • Dr.’s release for use of microcirculation or muscle stimulation in the case of the BEMER Microcirculation sessions (no exercise involved)
      • Commitment of at least 4 days a week for sessions
      • Ability to drive to Pelham, Alabama for sessions



*It is anticipated that the results of this unofficial, but thoroughly documented, pilot study – free to participants – will be that many, if not all, measures of health such as  blood pressure, oxygenation levels, improved sleep, and more, that this study will document before and after sessions, will show improvement.

Help us document, within our own community, the possible benefits of these noninvasive services targeted to improve the physical functioning of any who use it, but may especially help those who stand, or have stood, on the line for our nation’s security, both abroad and at home, by being part of these studies. It is also anticipated that improvement in physical health will result in improvement in physical/emotional health, performance and coping ability.


The world is full of unwanted, stressful, and even traumatic events and situations. While these things cannot often be prevented or controlled, mental/emotional health lies in doing all that is possible to counter…for ourselves and for those we love…the effects of these things we cannot change.


Which of your biological systems are fed, maintained, and cleaned by removing waste products, through the efficient operation of your Circulatory System!


All of them!