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Valkyrie Performance O2

Valkyrie Performance O2, used for 15 minutes per day, strengthens the circulatory system.

Mimicking treks into high altitude, such as professional and Olympic athletes do when training, Performance O2 allows for the expansion of your lungs and the increase of blood flow throughout your body.

SaferSecurity, Inc. offers sales and services:

      •  One session: $35.00
      • Monthly unlimited: $250.00
      • Monthly unlimited with Micro-circulation sessions: $325.00
      • Call for pricing of unit itself and for introductory offer


And remember, a portion of profits from all sales and services at SaferSecurity, Inc. go toward helping veterans and first responders. Plus, you can purchase sessions and packages for your particular, or any, veteran and first responder. While you help yourself, you also help those who have given all so much for the security of our nation.

This is a non-invasive, cutting-edge, technology which can provide results no matter what level of fitness you presently experience, from couch potato to athlete/performer. You will receive supervision by a licensed staff member at all times. We will track your progress so you see the changes in oxygenation, blood pressure, and other markers of wellness.  There is also a form available, in collaboration with Dr. Daniel Amen, to track the way your brain responds before use, and across the use of all our services.

Use a stepper:

Or use a stationary bicycle: