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Workshops & Presentations

SaferSecurity’s personnel and associates are not only experienced investigators, but also engaging and informative speakers.

A list of possible presentations or workshops follows, but is only a sample. Contact us with the topic you wish to be presented and we will bring it to you and your audience.  Alternatively, look for in-house workshops often scheduled at SaferSecurity, Inc.’s location or one near you!


Our presenters know their topics and know how to engage audiences!


  • Refuse to Be a Victim – an NRA certified course teaching situational awareness and environmental defensive techniques. Presenter – Sheila L Stephens, NRA Instructor
  • Simple Self-Defense, Never Let Them See You Coming – Presenter – Guillermo Fernandez
  • Women Do It Differently – A Unique Style of Womens’ Self-Defense – Presenter – Sheila L Stephens
  • Surveillance – Who Has the Eyeball – Presenter – Sheila L Stephens
  • Gangs – History & Ever-Present Threat – Sheila L Stephens
  • Keeping Kids Safe – At home, At School, & Online – Presenter
  • What Does a Lie Look Like? Beyond Interview/Interrogation – Sheila L Stephens
  • PTSD – What it Is & What It is Not – Presenter – Sheila L Stephens
  • BEMER Micro-Circulation System & What It Can Do For You – Sheila L Stephens
  • Intro to Dr. Daniel Amen’s Brain Healthy Brain Evaluation and Optimization – Sheila L Stephens
  • Follow the Money – White Collar Crime – Sheila L Stephens
  • Poisons & Poisoners – Sheila L Stephens
  • Which Weapon Fits You – Lethal & Less Than Lethal Alternatives – Sheila L Stephens
  • Background Checks – Jeff Hammock
  • Where is Your Child? Common Sense Child/Adolescence Tracking
  • Real or CSI? How to REAL Investigators Handle Evidence & Conduct Investigations? – Sheila L Stephens
  • Psychopath/Sociopath…Can You Spot One? Presenter – Sheila L Stephens
  • Craft Believable Characters – A Guide for Writers – Sheila L Stephens
  • Bullying, The Problem & The Solution – Presenter – Sheila L Stephens
                               You Can REALLY BE FREE!
  • Family & Corporate Systems Constellations – You Can REALLY BE FREE – A presentation explaining this type of coaching with sessions offered in-office  with clients, or at your business or school.

Our emotional DNA is passed down from ancestors, without intension, and without awareness. When you realize that which you are carrying, unnecessarily, from your parents, and theirs, and so forth, you can release the burden back to them. This is a simple explantion of this unique form of counseling and coaching, but the operation of Systems Psychology is astounding, both in the power it can have over us, and in the power that Systems Counseling can weild to free you from behaviors that have been passed down through your family system.  You CAN BE FREE!





Feel like your brain is on autopilot – ruminating, going over and over things that you don’t want to think or feel?

You are who you think you are. Your brain does not know right from wrong, it only knows what you tell it. Maybe others in your life have told it negative things about you, or maybe you have done so yourself.

There are means of reversing this thought process.

Let us help remove the impediments that prevent you from seeing yourself as you really are…and as you want to be.

Research in neuroscience validates the power of words and thoughts. Change your words and you change your thoughts which change your life!